Together in Faith
St. Joe's
Adult Education

The mission of St. Joseph's Adult Faith Formation Program is to help adults grow and mature in their faith through prayer, experience, reflection and study in order to be well equipped to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ within their family, at work and in the community at large.

Adults vary in the style of learning they prefer, so to accomplish the goal of Adult Faith Formation there are different approaches offered.

APPROACH I — Small Groups give parishioners opportunities to share, support, and encourage each other as they grow in knowledge and faith using Parish resources.

A) — Annual Programs:

1) Bible Study

2) Lenten Wednesdays-Faith Sharing

B) — Special Programs:

1) Varied times & topics (Wed., Thurs evenings, or Sun. mornings)

2) Book Group-read and discuss books with religious/spiritual themes

APPROACH II  — Large Group Opportunities gives parishioners the chance to experience diocesan and/or nationally recognized speakers.

Speakers on subjects that are of interest to the whole church

Due to budget constraints these would be offered every two or three years (example: Bishop Robert Morneau 2002)

APPROACH III — Independent Learning gives an individual a variety of opportunities to learn at their own pace using the church facilities, materials and personnel.

A) — Library-Reading Room

1) Reference Books to use in Reading Room as well as books that can be checked out.

2) Current periodicals to be read in Reading Room

3) Availability of catalogs from Catholic Publishers to order their own books.

4) Videos to check out

5) Audio series now available

B) — Bulletin or Good Seeds Column on pertinent issues

For more information about any of the above programs, please contact the Religious Ed Office (715) 341-1617, ext. 115.