Together in Faith
St. Joe's

Parish Pastoral Council - Council Members  •  Meeting Highlights  
Involves a process of consensus and representation from the parish. As a consultative body, it seeks to assist the pastor and the parish in creating a vision that reflects the pulse of the parish. Its role is to advocate and facilitate Catholic life and ministry in the local church.

Sacred Worship Committee - Meeting Highlights
Watches the developments in sacred worship in the church, diocese and deanery. Evaluates the overall needs of the parish regarding spiritual life, and the quality of our liturgies, including Sunday and seasonal assemblies, weddings, funerals, interfaith celebrations and various sacraments. Trains, affirms, and coordinates all volunteers in the ministerial roles during the liturgical seasons.

Finance Council
A consultative body to assist the pastor, its role is to identify creative financial opportunties in supporting the needs of the parish. Its efforts will promote a balanced budget and long-range financial planning, and form financial policies.

Parish Family Life Committee - Meeting Highlights
Seeks to foster Christian values wherein all parish members might achieve a “Christ-like” witness to the Gospel. The Committee supports “building the family connection” between God, self, and church.

Communications Committee - Meeting Highlights
Serves as an advisory group for content on our parish Web site and Facebook page, Good Seeds newsletter, myParishApp, and other methods of parish communications. The committee meets monthly from August through May and meetings last less than one hour.

Stewardship Committee
Invokes an increased awareness and commitment from all parish members to the needs of the parish and how those needs may be met by the ministry of one's blessing from God (time, talent, treasure), creating a sense of community and support.

Buildings & Grounds Committee
Formed more than 50 years ago, Building and Grounds Committee has been involved in all building, remodeling and repair projects, ranging from Ehr Hall in 1957 to the recent re-roofing of the rectory. Over the the years, the committee has worked closely with our pastors to maintain the St. Joseph property.

St. Anne's Society (PCCW)
St. Anne's Society is a spiritual and social organization for all women of the parish. The purpose of which is to unite the women in spiritual, educational, charitable and social activities and to provide for the needs of the sanctuary and special needs in the parish. The society has been an important organization in St. Joseph Parish for more than 100 years. Our purpose has remained the same throughout the years.

Parish Education Committee
Provides quality educational opportunities for our parish community based on our Catholic traditions, historic heritage, customs, and beliefs, prayers, and Scripture. The purpose of education is to develop within our parish community knowledge of the Catholic faith in order to empower the community to love and serve the Lord.

Social Concerns Committee (formerly Justice & Peace)
Strives to educate and encourage parish members to follow the gospel of Jesus, to live in a spirit of justice and peace. The committee provides education components and opportunities for service and justice work, while working to bring all other committees and groups to work on issues together.