Together in Faith
St. Joe's

Welcome to St. Joseph Parish! We are excited that you are considering joining our parish community. In order to make your connection with St. Joseph official, the following steps are necessary:

  1. If you are transferring from another parish with the Stevens Point/Plover area, a transfer of membership form must be completed. The person making the request, the present pastor and the future pastor are all asked to sign this agreement.

  2. An appointment with the Administrative Assistant, 341-1617 (ext. 101), establishes a time to visit the parish office to complete all necessary steps.

  3. A census form is filled out. For parish records, we are seeking to know the general information about your household. This assists our ability to contact you and record any information connected with your faith life.

  4. Upon completion of the census, an information packet is shared with you. This packet gives you an overview of parish life plus the opportunity to become involved in parish life.

  5. If the pastor is available, or if you have made a request to meet the pastor at time of registration, the pastor enjoys the opportunity to meet you and welcome you to St. Joseph!

  6. Any questions are answered when you register or call the Parish Office.